Need Advice re. Tearing Down X Axis Stage

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Need Advice re. Tearing Down X Axis Stage

Post by JohnDownie »

Well, so far I have done pretty well on the stage lottery, but yesterday I received a Kohzu x axis unit that is frozen.

I wondered if there ware any wise words or advice regarding the best approach for taking it apart.


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I once took apart my Newport model 462 linear stage, cleaned it, and reassembled it without much difficulty. I was a bit concerned about losing the bearings, but it turned out that they were captive.

No idea whether or not your Kohzu resembles my Newport. I'd suggest working in a way that if the bearings are loose, they won't roll very far. Perhaps work in a cookie sheet lined with a dish towel?

It's been a while, but I likely used acetone to clean the parts of the Newport stage. For another device, that arrived with its drive-screw caked in hardened lubricant, I definitely used acetone, plus a lot of scrubbing. Once clean, it worked like new.

--Chris S.

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Post by JohnDownie »

Thanks, Chris.

The cookie sheet is a great idea. I was imagining the sound of bearings hitting the ground and scattering.

I need to get some screwdrivers for this sort of work.

Would I be better off getting a JIS set?

Update: I ordered a small JIS set.

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Post by elf »

One thing that helps when disassembling (and reassembling)linear slides is to remove the rail from carriage. In other words, have the carriage on the table not the rail. I think this should apply to stages as well. Remove the part that doesn't hold the ball bearings.

Even on a towel, the little balls can jump a long way. Make sure your work area is clean :D

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