Pixel Shift and Stacking

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Yep, the same size is very unlikely. On other sites I've seen 125MB for the 40MP and 135MB for the 80MP. That's not much of a difference either. I'll see when I get the camera and try it.
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Well, if there are independent sources with such close figures, this suggests it is not a typo...

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I stack pixel shifted high resolution files all the time for my macro photography of sand grains. It works very well with no issues that I can sense.
These garnets are 1/4mm diameter.

I use the Olympus EM1 mark 2 with the 50mp jpeg files as I really don't feel I need to stack the raw files (or convert them to TIFFs). I have tried and don't see the point at this point in my game. It has allowed me to get near the resolution using my Olympus 60mm macro lens coupled with the Raynox 202 and the MC-14 teleconverter at 5x magnification total at 50mp images as the Mitutoyo 10X APO at a 20mp image. I also like the coloring better.




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