Simple, Cheap, Small Subject Holder

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Simple, Cheap, Small Subject Holder

Post by mawyatt »

While helping a member with a new setup I decided to build a simple subject holder that would interface with XYR stages with the 1/4-20 Wemacro alligator clip holder/adapter.

Used some 1/8" stiff copper wire, sweat soldered into the end of an alligator clip, then covered with heat shrink tubing. The wire tended to wobble around in the Wemacro clip holder, even when tightened down. By flattening the wire end just right, this solved the problem and the wire is secure in the holder.

The 1/8" wire is very stiff (maybe too stiff) so the deflection due to subject & gator clip is small.

I may use this concept without the ball head I usually use on the XYR stages.

Anyway, this may be useful to some folks.


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Post by soldevilla »

I used a similar device for years to hold reflectors and diffusers. But instead the copper wire I use a flexible arm cannibalized from a cheap computer microphone from the Chinese store. I have six of them, and never I have enough...

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Post by MarkSturtevant »

Here is one that I made with flexible arms that were meant for soldering. I call it "the creature". In the second picture it is doing double-duty; holding a leaf with a crab spider for focus stacking, plus a paint swatch for background.

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