Cheap Laptop to run remote control, image stacking/editing?

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Cheap Laptop to run remote control, image stacking/editing?

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In the new year I will be looking for a laptop to relay digital camera photographs from a microscope to a screen. I would like to try and learn image-stacking and editing. I know that one gentleman uses a Samsung netbook only a little younger than my 10-yr-old Compaq with a highly sophisticated setup.

I see no need to spend more than I need, although I do worry that electronics companies are notorious for ‘planned obsolescence’. Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about computers (apart from word-processing, graphs and museum cataloguing programmes). If anyone can recommend a good used example I’d be grateful, no more than £500.00, and less if possible.

The programmes suggested to me are Paintshop Pro, one of the proprietary Remote Control programmes, Zerene Stacker and Microsoft ICE. A CD drive would be necessary, I think, as Nikon's programme comes on a CD if I remember correctly.
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You may find it difficult to find a laptop with a CD drive. They seem to be a dying breed as most folks download programs from the internet.

A couple of years ago my desktop died a hard death and the laptop I had at the time was not up to stacking efficiently and running a Stackshot rail. I opted for a gaming laptop from the Microsoft store. I needed one with plenty of USB ports. The camera and the Stackshot each needed a USB port as well as each of the external drives I use for image storage. I believe the price was about $1800.00 US. This system is able to handle stacking large numbers of images in a timely fashion and allows for computer control of the Stackshot through a module in Zerene Stacker.
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You can buy an external CD/DVD drive for USB connection to your laptop for $30 or less. so don't worry about that feature.
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My several-year old Windows 7 i7 laptop is slower than my fast, gaming-spec desktop, but not all that much; it's perfectly usable for 200 shot stacks.

If you use a 40MP camera with 1000 shots in a stack, then "several minutes" would turn into an hour, which wouldn't be good, but there's no point spending twice as much for something 10% faster.

There are posts here about PC requirements.....
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