Nikon Labophot-2 Help

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Nikon Labophot-2 Help

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Hey All,

Old Biomed guy here trying to help a local histology lab get their Labophot-2 working again. They reported the bulb was acting weird and getting dimmer. Then they heard a pop and and the bulb hasn't worked since. I went thru all the easy stuff: new bulb, fuse, on/off switch, loose connections, etc... and found nothing. Also, pulled the PCB and could not visibly see any fried parts or burnt components. I suspect something has failed on the PCB so:

1) Has anyone seen this problem and what are the likely culprits?
2) Does anyone have a service manual and schematic for this model?
3) What is the price and availability of a replacement PCB?

Thanks in advance for the help and advice.


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