4 pictures ... 4 cameras

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4 pictures ... 4 cameras

Post by Yawns »

I'm going to buy a Nikon Full Frame ... but I suspect I'm not going to make a big step.

Mainly because I shoot with very high ISO (mainly to get a luminous background) .. and lately I'm looking to get a softer / luminous look ... so I'm hoping to get more elasticity in the shadows without blowing the backgrounds...

For curiosity I went back and got 4 pictures made with all the cameras I had ( have .. Nikon D90, D3200, D5100, D7000)

all from different ages, prices and Nikon "lines",Pixel counts ... but all APSC...

Honestly I have the feeling I could have done any of the pictures with any of the cameras... :)

anyway I never had the chance to use a Full Frame and I want to kill the curiosity, and close that subject in my mind.. but I'm not very hopeful so see a BIG move...

Consumer fever that's what it is :) :)

ImageDSC_0008_01 by antonio caseiro, on Flickr

ImageDSC_4533_01 by antonio caseiro, on Flickr

ImageOrthoptera by antonio caseiro, on Flickr

Imageallanctus cinctus 0002 by antonio caseiro, on Flickr

the key for the pictures

in fact the D90 did a great job, considering it's the one with bigger magnification and the most difficult background

ImageUntitled4 by antonio caseiro, on Flickr
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Post by lonepal »


Buying a FF camera will not bring you miracles.
I tried but I was not happy or I was very used to an APSC camera :)

Of course you will get better ISO performance, bigger dynamic range etc. but do you need them?
Do you earn money with your camera?
Do you need huge megapixels or better S/N ratios?
You can check the difference on the technical sheets but do they differ insanely in real life shots?

There are lots of videos on youtube comparing crop and FF cameras I suggest you to watch them first then spend big money for a FF camera.

Of course this is my toughts, the choice is yours.

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