Make polarized light easily.

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Make polarized light easily.

Post by adomacro »

Make polarized light easily.
Hello everyone, this post is directed to all colleagues who have no polarized light microscope. I will teach you how to polarized light easily and cheaply.

Method 1. With a mobile phone, we just have to dismantle an old phone and have no liquid crystal stuck two polarized sheets (one in front and one behind), one need only remove them carefully and remove the glue. Which goes in the back usually takes a sheet of silver that must be removed. Then you need to find the right position where the light is polarized. A sheet is placed below the sample and the other above, turning the topsheet polarization and those gorgeous colors will occur.

Method 2. This method consists of two polarizing filters to buy SLRs (in Spain about 16 euros each) and placed in the same way as before. They are of different diameters they can even match the diameter of the filter holder.

Hope you like help and sorry for my English, I used google translator.

You can view how-to videos on youtube.

Greetings to all.

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Post by Leiothrix »

A filter for a SLR will usually be a circular polarizer, where the filter on the LCD screen will be linear.

I don't know if that is important for this purpose, but probably worth mentioning.

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Even easier way to get polarized light--don't disassemble anything, just use your phone or laptop as it is. All the light that comes out of it is completely polarized. Your phone is a giant, nicely diffused source of continuous polarized light.

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Post by Perl »

Why not just buy a polfilter
why fiddling around with equipment
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You can go on the Internet (such as Amazon) and purchase polarizing film very cheaply. I bought a sheet to enable my metallurgical microscope for polarized light microscopy by putting a section between the dovetail above the objectives and the trinocular head and another piece at the illuminator just outside the lamphouse.

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