Graslon Diffuser for macro ??

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Graslon Diffuser for macro ??

Post by Joska »

Anyone tried one of the Graslon diffusers for macro ?

Design looks promising with a built in reflektor and the 4x6 inch flat model (4300F) might be good for macro if used close to the subject.

Craig Gerard
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Post by Craig Gerard »

Looks interesting :-k

Appears similar in concept to John Hallmén's (morfa) DIY approach: ... php?t=8783

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Post by ChrisR »

I have a fold-flat pyramidal diffuser, quite cheap, which has a strip of white (pvc?) material across the middle, inside, about the height of the flash head. Its presence/function isn't mentioned, but it obviously serves to impede/bounce/diffuse the flash's direct light. It's held in with tabs of Velcro.
It seems to help a little, and is easily modifiable. Bigger snag I notice with hard-edge reflectors is the image of them in reflections.

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Post by Joska »

Have been working on a "Morfa" type diffuser and it is working ok although I needed two layers of foam on the front to get the light even and that eats away almost two stops of light.

Another problem is attaching it securely to the flash thats why I am looking for something off the shelf that works well.

Need to see a picture of the front of the Graslon diffuser when fired to tell if it is any good. It is not very deep so you could fear that the reflektor would leave a dark area in the middle ?

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Post by Blcak »

They seem to be using the LSD-type diffusor that has been discussed in this forum already: ... p?p=109325

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