Contax 645 Carl Zeiss Apo-Makro Planar T* 120mm F4

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Contax 645 Carl Zeiss Apo-Makro Planar T* 120mm F4

Post by denisobjektiv »


I'm new here and i have one question? I got this lens and i'm assking on which camera can i use this lens?

If i found right it can be used on Pentax, Contax and Canon 5DII with Nam-1 adapter. Are there any others...

The lens was never used. So i'm thinking of getting some camera or to sell this lens.

Thanks for any answer.

Regards Denis

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Post by ChrisLilley »

Contax 645 is not listed on mounts by register. But as a medium format lens (see review the register should be around 60-70mm. Thus infinity focus would be acheivable on any modern DSLR.

The problem may be in finding an adapter which can supply the electronic signals (I believe this is a modern, AF, electronic aperture lens). If its an older, mechanical lens with an aperture ring then the adapter becomes easier.

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Post by Rusty »

The 120mm apo could sell for $ 2000 + :D on nastybay
Maybe a good idea to sell and then get the best macro lens for your application and camera in that price range ?

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Post by denisobjektiv »


Only problem is that i'm from EU. I would like to get 1400 EUR that aprox. 1800 $. But then i don't know how much would be costums for the buyer.
This lens was never used and bought in America year 2008.

Regards Denis

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Post by jjphoto »

Sell it and buy some thing practical.


Rylee Isitt
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Post by Rylee Isitt »

Don't worry about duty. As a frequent eBay buyer, I don't expect sellers to worry about duty - that's my problem. the best you can do is honestly state the country of manufacture and let the buyers know that they might have to pay duty.

Can you ship within the EU without duty being a problem? If so, that might be more than a large enough audience.

I only ship to Canada and the US, and almost all of my buyers are Canadian (I can't compete with USPS shipping prices). The population of Canada is small compared to many countries, yet I've found that this is a large enough audience to get decent prices on the stuff I sell. Mind you, I've never tried selling a niche camera lens before.

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Post by Harold Gough »

denisobjektiv wrote:This lens was never used and bought in America year 2008.
If you have the original box, advertise as "boxed, unused". The term "mint" also seems appropriate if no fungus has developed.

Sellling within the Eurozone will mean the buyer has no currency conversion costs. Within the EU a private sale is VAT-free.

If you sell via Ebay, be sure the auction ends at the weekend, preferably pm on Sunday, to get the best price. Ebay also offers insertion-free weekends every so often (one in force in UK right now).

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