Campden micro-positioner

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Campden micro-positioner

Post by Doc.Al »

Hello All,

Does anyone have any experience with Campden micro-positioners?

I recently bought this from an electro physiology lab:


The position of the top can be coursely adjusted on three axes at the top, whilst fine adjustment is acheived using the Mitutoyo micrometer heads at the bottom. The heads state the minimum step of 0.005mm or 5µm. However, the heads are each joined to a lever by pushrods. The pivot point of these levers is about 1/10th of the way along, giving a reduction in the movement of about 10X and a step value of approx. 0.5µm in each axis.

Would this be useful for stacking?

Nikon Labophot 2 with CFN objectives.
Canon MP-E65 and StackShot

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Post by ChrisLilley »

That looks great. Those are three fine Mitutoyo micrometer heads right there.

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