My Little Katydid,,

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My Little Katydid,,

Post by jaharris1001 »

a member from another forum told me that her Grandfather use to set her on his knee and call her his " little Katydid" I thought that was a really cute image :D

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Post by beetleman »

The composition is great. I like the way he is pearched on the leaf platform. Just a tad bit of noise.
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Erland R.N.
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Post by Erland R.N. »

I really like the composition and the whole scene too.
Did not notice noise until Doug pointed it out.

It's a bit bright on some parts of the insect though.

And, the insect is really interesting to give a second look.


*edit* forgot the word noise in the 2nd sentence.
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Roy Patience
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Post by Roy Patience »


I really like this one. I love the vivid Florida green vegetation. The composition is excellent. As I studied more carefully, i noticed the repeating inverted V-shapes. The antennae, the legs and the branch of the flower. The way you have thrown the background completely out-of-focus really makes the grasshopper stand out.

What are the technical details. I like to study focal length and aperture to help me in my photography.


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Post by jaharris1001 »

Thanks for the comments guys :wink: yes Doug, I had the ISO at 400, I really dont like to go that high, but lighting conditions were pretty weak that day,, and windy too,,
Thanks Erland,,I think the flash is a tad bit hot on this shot too,, thanks for commenting :wink:
Roy these were shot at 1/125th anf f11 with ISO 400
Thanks again for commenting guys :wink:

"I'm growing older,, but not up " Jimmy Buffett

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Post by JoanYoung »

Joan Young

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