Pentatomidae eggs.

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Pentatomidae eggs.

Post by Darionett »

Hello dear ones, today I offer you two shots of the same subject 3 days apart. It is an oviposition of Pentatomidae on almond shell. The shot was taken with Nikon D7100, Mitutoyo M Plan Apo 5X Clone; ITL200 Clone, in conformation as represented on
The photos were post-processed on camera raw to adjust the exposure and increase the detail slightly.
One photo was taken with continuous LED light, 4" of exposure, another with flash at 1/250s, I'll let you figure out which of the two was taken with one light source or the other :)
2023-09-01-09.52.14 ZS retouched.jpg
2023-09-04-12.46.08 ZS PMax.jpg
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Lou Jost
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Re: Pentatomidae eggs.

Post by Lou Jost »

Absolutely beautiful!

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Re: Pentatomidae eggs.

Post by Adalbert »

very nice :smt038

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Re: Pentatomidae eggs.

Post by Beatsy »

Those are very nice images. The vibrancy works really well with the subjects too. Everything looks pleasantly "fresh and clean" :)

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Re: Pentatomidae eggs.

Post by MarkSturtevant »

I don't know which is which, but both are very well done. A great idea to really look close at these eggs, too.
Mark Sturtevant
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Re: Pentatomidae eggs.

Post by Bob-O-Rama »

They are gorgeous and nicely thought out shots. The vibrant opsins in the eye spots are really gorgeous. Ontogeny happens in secret in mammals, fortunately you have a very obliging subject.

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