Developing mosquito

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Developing mosquito

Post by MasLovesMicrobes »

I have an aquarium set outside, unfortunately, some mosquito's are using it as a nursery. The chance to take these photo's is worth the stings though.
No idea of the species, or which developmental stage. Would be curious, if somebody happens to know. North-west of Europe.

Imagemugfoto_quality4 by Mas Jansma, on Flickr
100MP photo (Don't worry it is less than 1MB I compressed it)
Stacked and stitched
10x objective

ImageImg115 by Mas Jansma, on Flickr
24MP single shot, looks like a horror movie poster
Incandescent white balance
10x objective

Imagedarkfieldmugpanoquali4 by Mas Jansma, on Flickr
70MP another stitch (Again all the photo's are compressed and under 1MB of data)
Darkfield 10x

ImageImg118 by Mas Jansma, on Flickr
24MP single shot, different composition
4x objective, but condensor flip up lens still engaged

Stitching is getting easier now that photoshop selection tools are getting more AI based, though it can still be such a finicky proces. I just want to drop my files, and have the magic happen for me. I'm always having to select the black areas and turn them transparent. No such programs yet, right? Or ones that stack and stitch at the same time? I guess I will get faster with time.

Lovely to get into contact with insects in such detail.

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