Obelia geniculata

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Obelia geniculata

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Hello all,

I want to show my first photomicrographic picture in this community:


A medusa of Obelia geniculata, a marine living cnidarian, only about one millimeter size. I found this medusa on a microscopical slide made by Schlüter & Mass, Halle an der Saale/Germany, round about 80 years ago. I do not know which dye was used for contrasting the specimen but it fluoresces quite wunderful under green light.

The data are recorded with a LEICA SP8 confocal microscope and the 3d-anaglyph (red-cyan) is generated with Bitplane Imaris 8.2

Best regards


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Very nice stereo!

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a favourite subject to be mounted (permanent slide mount with Canada Balsam) by students in university practical zoology exams (been there, done that!)
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:D Very nice.
Thanks for sharing.

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